The Studio

Opened in a converted warehouse in 2006, Studio Sangha has become an integral and much loved part of Queenstown and the community here. It provides a spiritual place with no religious ties, a safe place to explore oneself, strength, weakness, injuries and preconceptions of self.

We have built the business on the locals and love the traveler’s fresh energies. We are passionate about health, well being and breaking through concepts of boundaries and limitations.

Situated at 2 Industrial Lane, off Industrial Place, off Gorge Road, on the way to Arthur’s Point and Coronet Peak, just 1 km walk from the center of Queenstown.
Across from the Salvation Army store – view location

Parking on Gorge Road at bottom.
Please walk if possible to help parking
on morning weekday classes.


Yoga clothing, mats and props

We have a great selection of yoga clothes and casual wear from high quality brands made only in the US, Canada and Australia, not in sweatshops as some big brands do. This guarantees that the stitching is good, working conditions are good, people are being paid fairly,  and our clothes are the highest quality for …

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